What People Are Saying

“I appreciated her kindness and encouragement, not only as it relates to the program, but also in terms of life.  You really make my day with your positive attitude.”

“Her questions force me to move beyond binary choices.  Not only does she demonstrate that she is always listening to what I’m saying but that she is also ruminating on things I say.  That makes me more willing to be vulnerable and completely honest with her.”

“She taught me to understand the significance of my emotions and allowed me to acknowledge them (something I have difficulty with) and then let them simply exist.  This is liberating and I am continuing to learn every day.”

“Pamela Jones respects the complexity (even in the simplicity) of being human.”

“I found it very easy to open up to her because she doesn’t judge in the true sense of the word.  Instead of considering my experiences, decisions, actions, ideas in the light of good and bad, she helped me to fully understand that things JUST ARE!!!”

“It’s easy for me to open up to Pamela Jones because she is truthful about who she is.  She doesn’t mind sharing the good and the bad about herself, so that allows me to do the same.”

“I now feel that I have so much more confidence and self-awareness than I ever thought possible!”

“I really want to thank you because if it weren’t for you and what you have helped me accomplish thus far, I would not even considered interviewing for my new Leader position.  I will be directly responsible for multiple teachers next school year (nervous but excited at the same time).  The announcement of my new position was well received by most of my colleagues and it is their energies that I absorbed and recognized the negative energies, but dismissed them immediately from my being.  Again, I say thank you because the person I was months ago never would have seen themselves in such a position.  YOU truly ARE “transforming individuals into becoming confident, self-sustaining leaders!”